BYOD - Bring your own device.

BYOD (Bring your own device) is gaining in popularity in schools but there are challenges and concerns to be addressed including:
  • Implementation of appropriate policies for IT and for teaching
  • Potential legal issues,
  • Security issues,
  • Control of information,
  • Hidden support costs,
  • The possible need to redevelope apps for multi-platform.  

According to Tim Panagos from Wired Innovation Insights, if educational institutions do implement BYOD they are “… ultimately presented two options: adopt a BYOD program, embracing the technology trend, encouraging student participation, and expanding curriculum to include BYOD-driven topics, or to impose of a BYOD policy, setting rules to govern the presence and practice of these potentially disruptive devices.”
What are your thoughts on and/or experiences with BYOD?

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